When we hear the words “Information Technology” for certain it would sound cool to some while complicated to many. IT as it is also known as including its services has made the industry ready for the big changes. Even when technology has made things easier for mankind, it too has created a solution when assistance is needed and this is simply the IT services we get from time to time from our experts.

Managed IT Service- Now Is The Perfect Time To Make That Switch!

If you’re just starting out your own business and you are thinking of whether managed IT services can make your company better or not, the answer is actually always YES!

There is no doubt that businesses, both big and small, could gain benefits from managed IT services; however, that alone has not been successful yet in justifying the employment of a third party provider. With the knowledge that IT service teams could provide solutions to common and complex issues in business operations, the real concern here is: when is it right to switch to managed IT services?

Small businesses, specifically, do not have the unending IT budget; hence, it’s necessary to know when the present IT management system isn’t cost-effective anymore. For almost all small businesses, this happens when the operations grow to a level where a contract with a full-time IT person is needed. Of course, there is always the other, better option of looking for a reliable managed IT service provider to manage all of your IT needs.

If up until this time, you are still not sure that you’re ready to execute the switch; the following questions could help you decide:

1.        Is the business’ IT costs continually increasing?

2.       Is retaining a reliable, efficient IT staff difficult to accomplish?

3.        Are the business’ workstation speed and performance decreasing?

4.       Is the staff spending longer hours in dealing with IT concerns than in performing the roles they were hired to do?

5.        Are you constantly having issues with spyware, viruses, and other security matters, which could put the business’ classified information at risk?

6.       During man-made or natural disasters, is network recovery a major concern?

7.        Is network downtime significantly increasing?

If your answer to one of more of these guide questions is yes, then you are most definitely ready for the change.

Now that you are certain that managed IT services is right for the business, your next challenge would be to find a reliable service provider. This decision should not be taken lightly because a wrong service provider could result to more expenditures than what your company is currently spending.


Before you start the search, consider first your business’ IT budget and the problems that you would want to be resolved first. It’s crucial to remember that this kind of services does not offer a “one size fits all” solution. Each business entity with regards to the industry it belongs has its own set of issues and only qualified, trustworthy managed IT services can effectively find solutions that best fit a company.

When a potential service provider is more focused on selling and not on listening to your business’ needs, find another company that is willing to put your needs above all else and those that provide customized solutions are the best.

The main reason of outsourcing IT management is to be able to save on expenditures while gaining more time on other business elements. For this, it pays to exert the effort of finding the right and the best managed IT service provider, ACRODEX is here to supply all of your IT needs. 



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